Takedown Jeep, bioweapon arrival

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A requirement for most End-Of-The-World gear is that it be easily maintainable and pretty simple to break down. After all, in a crisis you may not be able to send an item back to the manufacturer (or dealer) for repairs. And while I appreciate the relative simplicity of older vehicles, I doubt that any were really designed to be stripped and reassembled in under four minutes. Yet, thats what we have here:

Im sure its a ‘rigged’ vehicle with quick-connect hoses and pre-loosened bolts. (Although some folks tell me that all Jeeps come with pre-loosened bolts and that if they dont, they will eventually loosen on their own.) Still, it’s pretty impressive that a vehicle could be taken apart that fast. I’d guess the only outfits with that kinda skill are NASCAR pit crews, teenage car-stripping gangs and organizations like the Canadian military who have nothing else to do.


The bioweapon arrived today.

  • Dog, General Purpose, Mk. 0
  • Rank: Sub- Commander
  • Codename: Nuke

You guys have any idea how expensive LvlIII dog armour is? Not cheap.

I am amazed at the sheer size of the dog-ownership industry. Books, videos, ‘organic food’ (they eat roadkill fer crying out loud), leashes, collars, shamppos, etc, etc. I would wager its almost as big, if not bigger, than the baby-stuff market.

Anyway, we picked up Nuke at the airport and he was quite happy to be out of the crate. It is hoped that will be the worst thing that ever happens to him.

From a preparedness standpoint theres a lot to do. Find a good dog food, source it, buy it in bulk…train him for useful functions…learn doggy first-aid…theres no shortage of things to do. But for now, he gets to be a puppy and do puppy things. There’ll be plenty of time to teach him to carry stuff, alert to threats, tear peoples throats out, sniff out things we want, etc, etc.  The missus wanted him for the sake of having someone to go hiking with and as a companion for just general wandering around. I like to think he’d be excellent, when he’s older, at keeping the homeless and transients from harassing or approaching her when she’s walking around town taking photos.