Movie – Contagion

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Although bird flu is no longer the catalyst-of-the-moment for the end of the world, that hasnt stopped filmmakers from coming up with a new movie on the subject:

If youre going to watch a movie about this sort of thing, I recommend ‘Carrier‘, which was much more apocalyptic and quite a bit darker than most movies of this genre. (And by ‘dark’ I dont mean violent or bloody…any idiot can slosh buckets of blood in front of a camera, I mean ‘dark’ in the sense that it deals more with the dark side of human nature and the descent into ….uncivility?…and corruption.)

But, as fanciful and unrealistic as movies like these can be, they are useful…they get a person thinking about things they may not have thought about before or thinking about them in a way they may not have thought about them before. This is one reason that I think ’survival fiction’ and ‘zombie apocalypse’ movies/books have a legitimate place in one’s library of resources…it makes you think.