Sentry guns

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More signs of the times:

Farm Thieves Target Grapes, and Even Bees
Thieves target North Texas ambulances

Darn… if only there was some sort of automated armed sentry system you could deploy to keep the thieves outta your fiels and outta your ambulance bay. You know, something like these:

Well, as it turns out, here’s how to build your own sentry gun.
Personally, I’d be really reluctant to strap a 10/22 and a 50-round drum to something like this…but it would be handy with something less than lethal like paintball gun or the like. More likely it would be useful with some sort of high-intensity searchlight mounted on it to track targets for the human operators. But, I suppose if youre confident in your programming and you havent seen 2001: A Space Odyssey you can trust your programming skills to not get yourself killed.