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Went fishing yesterday. nice thing about living here is that you can hop on your mountain bike, pedal across town and be waist deep in primo fishing waters in about twenty minutes. Usually when I’m doing that sort of thing I take one of the Glocks and tuck it into a UM84 holster and attach it to my belt with a pistol lanyard. This way, if I slip on the slick river rocks and take a swim, I dont lose my gun. Which, actually, is exactly what happened. As I was trying to wade back to the shore, the current (which was rather strong) pushed me off balance and I was up to my neck in the river. Not a big deal, I can swim and the water wasnt deep. But…everything from the neck down was soaked. Thats the nice thing about the Glock…it gets completely submerged under water and all you have to do is shake the water out of it, tuck it back in the wet holster, and it’ll be fine. I’d say ‘Try that with your 1911 some time’ but most folks would blanch at the thought of dunking their 1911 under wtaer and then leaving it in a wet holster for a few hours.

No worries, mate…it’s a Glock.