870 issue solved?, SOE arrival

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New magazine follower arrived. Swapped it. Problem remained..and then didnt.

Here’s what I think has happened:

As you may know, on Remington shotguns you add capacity by unscrewing the cap off the end of the magazine and then screwing an extension onto the magazine. Simple stuff. If you examine a magazine extension closely (mine is an OEM Rem product) you’ll see that the extension is a section of magtube with a coupler threaded onto it…once you thread the magazine tube onto the magazine, you should have a fairly seamless extension. Ah, but things are never that easy. I have one of these on my shotgun. It slips over the mag tube and is held in place between the mag tube and the extension…sandwiched between the two, essentially. Look at the image of the sling attachment..notice that theres a small stainless detent? There is a small dimple on the barrel ring of the 870 where this part would line up. Heres the interesting thing – I had the sling attachment backwards so the sling would lay on the other side of the shotgun. This meant that there was no corresponding dimple for the detent on the sling adapter. I switched the sling adapter over to the other side and, interestingly, the problem seemed to go away. Hypothesis: without the corresponding dimple for the detent to rest in, it canted the magazine extension slightly but enough to cause the follower to bind when I tightened down the magazine extension. I need to experiment more, but I think thats exactly what happened.
In other news, the SOB buttpacks I ordered up arrived. (Free shipping, by the way!) Excellent product. One of the LMI asked me to sell him one so I’ll do that. The others will wind up being tasked with one of the myriad duties a handy, well-built, tough carrybag can be tasked with.