Article – Police: Delaware Wal-Mart Worker Stole Thousands Of Rounds Of Ammunition, Survival Gear

There’s a right way, and there’s..well..this way:

MILFORD, Del. (CBS) — A worker at a Wal-Mart in Delaware is accused of stealing thousands of rounds of ammunition and survival gear from the store where he worked.

Investigators say 35-year-old Linwood D. Hallman Jr. is facing a felony theft charge. Police say the thefts began on January 31st.

According to the Milford Police Department, during his employment at Wal-Mart, Hallman Jr. removed several thousand rounds of ammunition and survival-related items from the store.

Police say that detectives recovered the ammunition from a home located on Butler Avenue in Lincoln, along with a rifle scope and survival bags and kits. Multiple firearms and knives were also seized from the home, police said.


Well, I guess we know why that WalMart was always outta .22 ammo, don’t we?

I can see the temptation to loot your employer if your employer happens to deal in Things That Would Be Useful. But…stealing is stealing. While I can understand the temptation, I can’t support it. Suck it up and spend your own money, like the rest of us poor slobs.

11 thoughts on “Article – Police: Delaware Wal-Mart Worker Stole Thousands Of Rounds Of Ammunition, Survival Gear

  1. My feelings exactly. But why are nation wide the Walmarts are out of .22lr?

    • Yeah. It’s hard to imagine how this dude pictured his little escapades working out for him in the long run. Unless, that is, he truly believed the collapse was imminent. In which case, there’s a whole other “long run” to think about.

  2. The guy at Walmart in the gun section says that any 22lr is bought before he gets to work, at 7 a.m.. He has given up on getting some for himself.

  3. Hey Commander, are you near the potential ebola cases? I seem to remember you saying you were near one of the designated facilities.

    Looks like they might be getting 4 potentials. Which is 2 more than they have beds, isn’t it?


    time to refresh the bleach stocks…..

    • Supposedly, after the most recent panic, our hospital removed itself from the list of approved facilities. However, I suspect thats just a flat-out lie to keep people in town happy. The isolation unit at St Pats was built specifically because of the biohazard research lab down the valley…it was built, no doubt on the .gov dime, to handle .gov contamination issues…so im quite sure its still there.

      • the bleeding hearts in Missoula turn’d away people….say it aint so…laughing my as off..

  4. Unless you’re on Wall Street or lobbiest in DC crime doesn’t pay.

    In most states with a minimum wage second job it wouldn’t take long for you to be able set back some extra food, a used Glock, a .22, sleeping bag and some ammo. And there’s the whole not getting arrested thing that goes with the second job.

    I wonder if he was planning on selling that stuff?

  5. Don’t Wally World employees get a discount? Unless like Micheal asked, was he planning on selling?

    • I would think that even the employee discount isn’t as good as the 100% discount he gave himself.

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