The folks you meet

There’s always that question of ‘how do I meet other like-minded individuals to network with?’. I’m of the opinion that putting an ad in the back of American Survival Guide or on a forum is a last resort sort of thing. There’s too much risk of winding up auditioning a revolving door of whackos and nutjobs, all the while compromising PerSec.

I am firmly of the opinion that if you really want to meet folks, the best way is to observe and casually work up to broaching the subject with the new person. Today was a fairly good example….

My regular letter carrier (or as we used to call them, “mailman”) is on vacation. The little truck pulls up in front of the shop and a guy gets out. We make some small talk as he checks for my mail. I comment about how it sucks that he has this open-air cab and all he has to cool off is a fan. As I look in the vehicle two things jump out at me….the radio he has on the dashboard and a backapck on the floorboards. The backpack is a coyote, MOLLE-covered bag. “I like your bag”, says I. “Yeah, I got it from online from Botach. Its been a great bag, I can’t kill it.” Hmmm. We shop at some of the same places. I also notice the Sangean radio sitting on the dashboard isn’t one of the cheap models…this one has a few bells and whistles that would be of interest to folks like you and I.

So….shops at the same tactical gear places and appreciates the quality gear. So far, this sounds like it’s possible he’s on the same wavelength as me on a few things. Maybe next time I see him I’ll ask if he’s done any shooting lately…really? With what guns?….Ah, I have one of those too….etc, etc. Then after a while we do some more small talk about interests and soon you’re pretty confident about whether he’s on the same page as you. And that’s the point you decide if you want to pursue this further and bring them into your little circle of friends or not.

It takes a little time, yes. It’s not as fast as walking up to a strange and saying “Hey, you got an AR, some MRE’s, a stash of gold and a water purifier? How about that last election…who’d ya vote for? Wanna see my bunker?”, but it’s also far less risky in terms of what information you put out there and, more importantly, what kind of impression you give other people. You tip your cards to the wrong person and they go and tell everyone back at work about the ‘crazy survivalist’ guy that is on their route….nobody needs that kinda headache.

Of course, this is just my opinion…maybe you’ve had a different and better experience doing it a different way. If so, I’d find it interesting to hear about it.

8 thoughts on “The folks you meet

  1. Eh. I’ll just wait patiently for someone to invent Tinder for survivalists. Swipe right to see if they want to join your survivalist group. Swipe left to reject them.

  2. Probably the way to go. But I would venture to guess that those type of people are a bit more common in certain areas of the map.

  3. Long ago, in a former lifetime, My mailman was a fellow shooter, and etc. He figured out I had a FFL, and discussions at the box were interesting.

    Note….. in those days, you could not hide ANYTHING from your mailman.

  4. People in my clan tend to get together when we meet someone new to see how crazy they are, I mean you have to be crazy to believe things aren’t getting better right? Look at those DWTS ratings! (sarcasm)

    We try to find how how crazy they are, a little crazy, our kind of crazy, not crazy (see above DWTS) or REALLY crazy. They might be a little crazy but not worth the ‘lemmie show ya my bunker’ tour. And the REALLY crazies are most of the tin foil hat, reptiles control the earth, all (insert minority or race) must die, etc etc.

    Hard to find our kind of crazy out there… I suspect its the same for most.

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