Birthday Friday

Unfortunately, this planet has made another rotation around the sun and Friday is my birthday. I’m not going to ask you to get me a gift, instead I’ll tell you that if you were inclined to get me a gift you should take the resources you would have used and get yourself something nice. If you think some dude on the interwebs deserves a gift more than you do, well…youre probably wrong. In the end, you’ll always be the only person you can count on so you may as well treat yourself nice.

In other gifting news, Paratus is five weeks away. Get your shopping done early and avoid the crowds.

9 thoughts on “Birthday Friday

  1. Happy birthday! I’ve been waiting to hear what attached itself to your self as you headed out the door at the G-show……

    • Matter of fact, it is. But every time I mention it, despite most folks being okay with it, someone has to get their knickers in a twist and start spouting off about it. It isn’t mandatory, and Im totally cool with people riding without buying a ticket, but if you’re gonna take the free ride you shouldn’t complain about the engineer asking for a ticket.

  2. Happy birthday and keep up the good work. I hope this is a year in which you acquire more cool stuff, and not the year in which you finally need all your cool stuff.

    • Thats a really good sentiment, i may have to use that in the future. Thanks!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    You do something special! I’ll do something special in your name…

    Memento Mori…!

    John in Alaskla

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