Happy Paratus!

Yes indeed, today is Paratus!

If you’re going to have a holiday, why not a holiday you can actually enjoy and support? Today is Paratus – the holiday of the prepared!

Go read the FAQ and see what’s expected and what its all about. ut, succinctly, it’s a day to get cool new gear, watch end of the world movies, and hang out with fellow Like-Minded Individuals. Religious overtones? Nope. Awkward family get together? Not required. Getting to do cool stuff you actually want to do? Absolutely!

So, my friends, today is your day of absolution…today is the day you can head to Cabela’s, CostCo, Big Five, Sam’s Club, or Bass Pro, and buy the case of ammo, buy the mega-pack of toilet paper, buy six dozen pairs of boot socks, buy the army surplus folding cots, and not feel an ounce of self-consciousness or guilt. Why? Because it’s a damn holiday!

Go! Get out there and flex your purchasing power, watch some zombie movies, and take a trip to the range with some friends. Pick up a little something for your like-minded buddies and wish them a Happy Paratus. (See the FAQ on proper gifting etiquette.)

But, most of all, take some time today to reflect on preparedness…why you do it, what you get out of it, and what you have left to do. Thats the most important part.

Well…that and sending me Paratus gifts.

5 thoughts on “Happy Paratus!

  1. The BEST DAY EVER, my Scorpion is in, now the clock just needs to move faster so I can go slobber over my new toy. Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

  2. Heading to a BSA campout the whole weekend and will be celebrating 48 hours straight immersion style Paratus. Recon Elves bringing LED lanterns and freeze dried Mountain House food for the lucky ones.

  3. I tried to buy the new 10/22 Collector’s Edition at Outdoor Emporium in Seattle but, they were out of stock. No problem, the sale price is good until 11/20. Which seems like a long time for a sale, but I verified it. A long holiday, I guess.

  4. Happy Paratus to you. Expect a visit from the Pimp! Thanks for all the interesting things you often post. How’s Nuke?

    • I spoke with the Pimp. Thank you muchly! Nuke is, sadly, still a dog. He’s complaining he’s not getting enough ball throwing. Oh, and he’s annoyed that the new season of Walking Dead is still three weeks out.

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