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Living in Montana isn’t always sunshine n’ stun grenades. There’s seven months of winter, jobs are hard to come by, there’s some narrow-mindedness, and its damn expensive to fly anywhere from here. But….when you can drive ten minutes out of town and be knee-deep in things like this…well, then it’s almost worth it.

20160206_130910Nice, right?


In other news, I haven’t mentioned that silver is heading towards $15/oz. so it might be time to give the Metals Pimp a holler and get while the getting is good. Speaking of the Pimp, I saw him today and he palmed a pair of silver rounds and told me they were a gift from one of you crazy paranoid survivalists who was a loyal reader. So..whomever that mysterious benefactor is, thank you…I will sing your praises as I use that silver to barter for food and skimpy clothing for the desperate-yet-still-hot college coeds that come to me seeking shelter as the Aryan blood gangs and rogue military units storm across the post-apocalyptic landscape scavenging for supplies.


Watching the political news is an exercise in disbelief. Young, impressionable, college-age kids are drawn to a out-n-proud socialist, while the closet socialist is clamoring that you should vote for her because she’s a woman, rather than on her merits. On the other side of the fence, everyone’s loud uncle is leading the pack and the also-rans are all trying to catch up.

It seems like every year since 1988 we’ve been saying “This will be the most important election ever”…until the next one. Then that one becomes ‘the most important’.

Oy vey.

Well, at least I have beautiful scenery to bask in as Rome burns.


Had a little ‘oops’ with my celphone a few weeks back. Specifically, several ‘oopsies’ as my phone was run over repeatedly by traffic. The screen was destroyed, but I was able to get it replaced for $125. The rest of the phone worked fact it started ringing even as I was examining the amazingly shattered screen. Why’d it survive? Otterbox Defender, baby. Yes, it will make your phone a bit bulkier….boo hoo. I routinely drop my phone and have it land on a hard surface on one of its corners. And it survives just fine. When i stand in line at the post office I see plenty of people with iPhones with cracked screens and they all have those little thin rubber sleeves on their phones that offer virtually no protection. Get the Otterbox Defender and, yeah, your phone will be a bit bulkier in your pocket, but it is going to survive next time you drop it, sit on it, or watch it bounce down a fligh of stairs. Zero recommends!


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    • I looked at the lifeproof but I was put off by reviews that said sound quality was compromised by the waterproof nature of the casing.

      • Biggest pain in the butt to me with the Lifeproof is that you need to use their adapter cable to plug into the phone jack.

        Past that, it’s been a good case. I haven’t really tried the waterproof portion but I did use my phone as my camera last fall while camping in wet weather (which is all I really expected the case to be able to handle).


  1. Not to start a war here, but I’ll just point out that I’ve owned a long string of Android phones (currently a Sony Xperia Z3 and previously a Motorola Droid Razor Max), and all of them have survived a life cycle of art least two years to replacement without a case and without suffering catastrophic damage. With frequent international travel and multiple children under the age of five, it’s not like I’m babying my equipment either.

    Why would a survivalist intentionally select the most fragile equipment option in its category?

    I suppose when that day finally arrives where you’re rescuing attractive college girls who don’t know any better, you’ll at least have your iPhones in common.

    • Actually, I dont own an iPhone. I went with the Galaxy because I hated having to go through iTunes to move music/movies onto my phone. With the Galaxy, I just plug it into my computer, it appears as an extra drive, and I just move what I want into the appropriate folders.

      • I have a Galaxy (Note 4, before that an S 3) and am very fond of the Urban Armor Gear cases. They don’t add as much bulk as the Otterbox and the surface is not sticky, so it slides out of my pocket without turning it inside out. I don’t think I’ve ever dropped one – I do baby mine.

  2. My brother had a Samsung MEGA w/defender…fly off roof of the car @ 60mph….wait for it…Mega survived/defender scuffed up pretty bad. I’m a otterbox believer.

  3. Adding to the Iphone troubles, I have never understood why Apple refuses to use Gorilla Glass. It’s on my Droid, hell it’s on a lot of phones. Then I thought about how everyone will break the screen and *NEED* a NEW $700 Iphone again. Marketing genius.

    While they stopped making the defender for my phone, my Otterbox Commuter has helped the Droid survive several 5-6ft drops to straight concrete. I also have some screen wrap advertised as “mil-spec” that went on like window tint (wet the screen, place film, squeege out the moisture) that I have to recommend. This phone lives in my front pocket for three years now with no scratch to the screen, and in the EMS/Vol FF world, this phone isn’t babied either.

    Otterbox baby. And look for Gorilla Glass on your next phone.

  4. Thanks for the Pimp reminder – love those Valcambi Combibars and he has some. Surrendered the ancient cell phone recently to a Galaxy (Note5) and immediately put a barrier on it (SGM Wireless) – not an Otter since they didn’t offer one at the time but a decent one.

    Added an intelliArmor layer to the glass; happy with both the response with that cover applied as well as the safety it presents to the screen. That said, I ought to check Otter to see if they have one to fit, now. Husband is rather rough on phones…

    As for the view…just damn, man. Just damn. How’s the 4 legged fiend?

  5. Shucks, if I drop my phone I just grab it by the coil phone cord. If it does hit the linoleum floor the Bakelite doesn’t break anyway.

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