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  1. Did anyone else notice about 12 episodes ago (I’m getting caught up- landlord got a Dish sat tv w/ DVR and the annual TWD marathon started) that the Morse code poster behind Carl was wrong?
    The above screen shot of Daryl w/ an RPG is gonna make me swoon.

  2. You would think that considering the episode ran on Valentine’s Day, Daryl would be expected to slay some Walkers with his trusty compound bow (especially after the clear shot of the “wings” on the back of his vest as Negan’s boy was disarming him). But hey, blasting some brigands with an RPG works.

    Sorry to see Jessie go. That chick was smokin’…

    Oh, and Ron and Sam are not dead. In fact, they’ve just started a new teen-angst inspired motorcycle club…”Sons of Porch-Dick”…

  3. I don’t watch the show, so forgive me for asking, but where the heck would someone just happen across an RPG six years post-apocalypse?

    • It was found hanging on the body of a military individual. My guess is that as the military was trying to control the situation there was a need for blowing up things (bridges, highway ramps, obstacles, reinforced positions of looters, etc, etc) and the armories were emptied of whatever was useful.

    • Also, not sure that six years have passed since sickness has occurred. They haven’t shown a winter for example (snowed in trapped zombies). If there has been a reference for length of time (Judith is no longer a baby for example), I haven’t seen it.

      • Considering that the series takes place in Georgia, I would think the amount of snow youd see would be pretty minimal.

    • In episode 2 of season 3 the inmates talked about being locked in the kitchen for 290 days (a little less than a year for the entire season 1 and 2).

      Chances are season 6 does not represent year 6.

  4. The RPG was and awesome (and tactically correct) use on Negan’s men. But I don’t think I’d have wasted another to light a lake of gasoline.

    Regarding “the scene” from that episode, I knew Sam was a goner, to to take Jessie… the the one two punch of Cooooral and Ron… I had to pause the show.

    Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

    • I question if the RPG would have detonated on hitting a ‘soft target’ liked a person, but perhaps the warhead was aimed at the bike instead.

      • The explosion was centered on the bike in the middle of the formation… or the ground under it. (Go DVR!) Daryl must have played some Quake II when he was younger.

        As far detonating in a ‘soft target’, I’m guessing if the RPG didn’t get a solid hit hit on a bone (activating the fuze) the meat will decelerate the round. It’s not unheard of to have live (not ‘came through the door and a dud’) RPGs hit our warriors and they survive. While surviving the RPG hit is enough to earn my gratitude, the medic/EOD teams really get respect.

        Caution: Disturbing Imagery/Battle Wounds

        • I would suspect that any RPG-7 type that was caught in a live human body was not a direct hit, due to warhead weight/velocity. Our 40mm grenade from an M79/M203 launcher was survivable if it hit before the arming distance, but that is much lighter and slower, and still was a hell of an impact. There were a few cases of “friendly fire” in VN, and the medical episodes were memorable.
          The RPG7 is a directly aimed/targeted munition, with a shaped charge, or similar armor or structure defeating warhead, while our 40mm is an anti-personel type, mostly fired in an indirect fashion, similar to a mortar round. Big difference.

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