CostCo ammo cans

I was wandering through CostCo the other day when, much to my surprise, I came across these:

20160213_155204Military ammo cans…or are they? Here was the first clue that these were military-style rather than military-issue or military-surplus: the “.30 can” is packed inside the “.50 can”. I’ve gone through, and continue to go through, a lot of ammo cans. By and large, your average .30 can does not fit in your average .50 can. Oh, maybe you can stuff one in the ‘tall .50′ ..maybe..but these are clearly not the real deal ammo cans.

I looked ’em over fully expecting to see the usual ‘Made In China’ markings but found nothing indicating where these things came from.

I suppose they might be better than some of the plastic ammoc cans but if you want real ammo cans you can still find them here and there. I’ll save my money and pass on the CostCo wannabe’s.

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  1. No ammo cans, either genuine or clone at the local Costco here. They recently started carrying keypad-access one-handgun safes that looked to be perfect for mounting on the side of a car center console. Alas, they no longer have ’em. Didn’t fit my present car anyway.

    Kirkland brand canned roast beef is back in stock on-line! Buy a bunch before the hoarders find out.

      • Everyone rolls their eyes at me when I say “if the power goes out, you guys’ll be begging me for a can”. Had some for supper last night. I wonder what they will offer to barter for a can after the zombie horde passes thru. There’s a case of 24 cans sitting next to me as I type this. The UPS driver even brought it inside and set it on the table. Nice guy.

  2. How much??

    I purchased a used but very good condition tall .50 cal can from my local gun store last week for $20, which I felt was a decent price for the “large” one.

    Supply around here of any genuine metal ammo can (used or new) is spotty at best. The LGS or mil surp shop is usually the best bet. It’s the only thing I’ll use to store ammo in, however. That’s a job I just don’t trust plastic for.

  3. What was the cost?
    I have seen this ammo can 2 pack at two different Tractor Supply stores for just under $50.

  4. K. here,

    Found this video, I figured they were packed lid off, of the .30 cal can. I really wish my local Costco had them in stock. I am finding some “ok”(not great deals) on ebay that get single .50 cal cans back to $12.50-15 each, at local gunshows and surplus stores they’re between $20-25 each these days. I hate not doing business with the mom and pop places or not buying local, but shit… Besides, I guess like my folks did, moms’ and pops’ have had to go to work at chain stores like everybody else and everywhere is local to somewhere… :’/

  5. I too saw these at my local Costco, but unlike you I bothered to open one and saw that the .30 cal can was packed with the lid removed. After reading your statement I went out to my garage and with the lid removed found that USGI cans will most definitely nest the same way. Just for your info.

    • Actually, I did bother to open one…thats how you discover that theres a .30 can inside.

      • I do believe the Costco ammo cans are made to mil-spec. The manufacturer is not supplier to US Army. I own mil-surplus in 30 & 50 cal cans and Costco ammo cans. The Costco ammo can are better quality products. You insisting mil-spec 30 cal cannot be fitted inside mil-spec 50 cal. Yes, you are right when the 30 cal is assembled but the truth is that you are so ignorant would not allow you to admit mil-spec 30 cal do and will fit inside mil-spec 50 cal.

  6. There should be a manufacturer’s name/initials stamped in the end of the can. Some of the current (or at least recent) makers are BWAY Corp. (formerly Brockway Standard, Inc?), SCF Industries, Conco Inc… Federal Prison Industries?

    I would be surprised if the Costco cans are not actually made by one of the US DoD suppliers. Ammo cans are becoming “mainstream” of late. I’ve seen new cans — from one of the DoD suppliers — being sold at gun shops, with a commercial label slapped on the side. Blackhawk, I think? Brownells is selling M2A1 “.50 caliber” cans, their photo shows SCF stamped in the end of the can.

    Federal is packaging “military” ammunition for commercial sales into M19A1 “.30 caliber” cans; there’s usually a few cans on the shelf at the local Walmarts.

    At least one of the manufacturers (BWAY) has indicated in the past that they’re willing to sell cans to the public in fairly small (48 minimum) quantities, at reasonable prices.

  7. As of 11 August, 2016… I just went to my Salt Lake Costco over on 300 West and they had them with a MFGR’s rebate at $15.99, so with tax at the original $19.99 price I spent pennies under $70.00 for FOUR of the sets. I can off the small cans at about $10.00 each and wind up with four .50 cal cans at $7.50 each…

  8. The Costco cans are all made in China. There’s a small tag on the bottom of the cans that states “Made In China”
    Several warehouses in the US now are selling them higher of course on Amazon and Ebay. They’re decent cans and are the same size as USGI but lighter weight. Still a bargain and I’ve submersed several of them with tissue paper to check for leaks and they were water-tight.

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