Might be doing a MH group buy

Years ago I did a group buy (or maybe several of them) on Mountain House stuff. MH has a certain minimum order threshold that has to be met in order to get discounts on shipping and whatnot. In the years since I last ordered a pallet of goodies from them they have added quite a few new products. So….

If I can get enough people interested in going in on a big purchase of #10 cans (and perhaps pouches), then I’ll do another group buy. Its pretty simple…you’d email me a list of what you want, either PayPal or send a money order for the total, and when the truck gets here I break up the order and pack it up, calculate and pay shipping, and send it along. Everyone wins.

But…to do it requires several thousand bucks in orders. If anyone is interested, email me and I’ll send you back a price list and other info. At the moment, it looks like any order must be divisible by six cans per box, but you can mix/match for those six…or twelve, or eighteen, or whatever. Shipping will be by actual weight per box of six cans. When everyone has their wants listed, if it adds up to enough to get the shipping and discounts, then payment will be requested and the order placed. When it gets here, I’ll repackage it and forward it on. Same as last time.

Ideally, we’d be looking at placing the order at the end of the month and delivery is usually a couple weeks after.

email is zero@commanderzero.com . Subject line should be “Group Buy” or else it’s just going to get caught in my spam filters.

2 thoughts on “Might be doing a MH group buy

  1. Quick Question: What is the typical savings per can compared to “company x” out on the market. I understand this is dealer pricing, just want to know a rough guess on the savings.


    • That would require me to go around and check everyone elses prices, which is really more work than I was planning. Id say go hit the usual big vendors like Safecastle and use them as comparison.

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