How do I meet….

Every now and then you get that “How do I meet Like-Minded Individuals” question. My standard answer, which is quite true, is that it happens organically – you don’t search them out and find them, you just naturally come across them. Today’s encounter is a good example.

I was chatting up my mailman about guns and he says he has a .338 Lapua in a Savage.

“Nice. I’ve always wanted one of those”, I say. “Did you get it for hunting?”
Him: <pause> Uhm. Kinda.
Me: Ah, I get it. Say no more.
Him: Yeah, it’s to keep people away from my place.
Me: Hey, I hear ya. I’m on the same page.
(And then, with the ice broken, the flow begins…)
Him: My family has a place out in [town about 100 miles away]. I was in the military and I just don’t like the direction things are going. Have you seen this Supreme Court nominee? And there’s……

And just like that, there’s another survivalist in the mix. Thats the second letter carrier on my route who is Of Similar Mind. Go figure.

lsekvlspnj9rcrixeataThey’re going to come in on the Mountain House group buy.


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  1. Living in Montana doesn’t hurt either. In the western mountain states, there may be more LMI than democrats.

    • Depends which area, more likely to find a bleeding heart liberal in the California side of Montana (Missoula). I have seen many Hillary and BS 2016 bumper stickers up and down I90, Missoula too Billings. the wife wont let me put the “you can’t have progreSSive without the SS” bumper sticker on the daily driver. During summer we have the Forward Montana Progressives out in force, they have to pick their jaw off the floor when they ask me about voting and my response is voting wont do it, its gonna be Civil War….

      • I saw a Subaru (of course) today with both a GLock sticker and a Sanders sticker. Wasn’t sure what to make of that.

        • bet my last penny it was an LEO. Many want BS to calm the masses with free stuff.

        • Saw a full size pickup today, with a HILLERY 2016 sticker on the tailgate. I’m like, WTF? Got closer and find it wasn’t quite what I thought.

          HILLERY for
          Prison in 2016

          Good thing I wasn’t drinking a beverage!

  2. Funny… one of the post masters where I live is a LMI… Are postal workers the new Masons or something?

    • Well, a lot of postal workers are former military since they get a hiring preference. And then they spend all day listening to talk radio as they deliver the mail. So…..yeah.

  3. Look at what they wear or carry to identify LMI. 5.11, Arcteryx , paracord bracelet, CRKT knife, Streamlight, etc; a combination of at least 2 of the above mentioned items is a good indicator. Also a good lessen on not to wear to keep a low profile. This works even in San Francisco.

    • Yikes. CRKT folder clipped in the left pocket with a Surefire close behind it are my daily carry.

      Thanks for that.

      • There’s plenty of ways to “advertise”. Considering the fact that he delivers your mail, he knew more about you at the start of the conversation than you knew about him. What type of catalogs and magazines do you have subscriptions to? I don’t think you found a LMI, $20 says he found you.

        • You would, of course, be wrong. He’s the mailman that delivers to my business. THat means the only thing he delivers are power bills, phone bills, insurance bills, and the infrequent junk mail from Domino’s Pizza. No catalogs from Mountain house, no bills from Optics Planet, no subscriptions to Shotgun News, no sale flyers from Cabela’s. In fact, I know more about him…he’s a guitar player in a local bar band…than he knows about me.

    • Those are all good brands, but I don’t think they’re exclusive to the LMI crowd, or that the LMI crowd is exclusive to those brands.

      To your point, though, I think that the presence of EDC gear is a strong indication of a self-reliance mindset, and that mindset is a prerequisite to being a LMI.

  4. Hmm, cargo pants, a clip knife in strong side pocket, small flashlight tucked in another pocket, sports or dive watch, paracord anywhere…those are pretty good indicators of a certain mindset. Not necessarily prepper, but certainly prepared for trouble. Add a multi tool, and a concealed pistol, plain vehicle with good tires, no stickers on the back, or better, truck with gas can and 2 spare tires, and a dual band antenna, and you can make a good guess.

    Keep in mind that and Opfor might be looking for just those things to identify US too.


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