Friday is the deadline for MH wants

The 25th of this month (Friday) will be the cutoff date for determining how we’re doing on the Mountain House group buy. If you want in, you need to send me the list of what you want by the 25th. Once everyone has that info in, I’ll add it up and if we hit the magic numer then the call will go out for payment. Payment is to be in the form of cashiers check or US postal money order. Why? Because if you send a personal check then we can’t do anything until it clears and thats usually a week or two. But…no one sends anything until we’ve determined that we have enough orders to meet the minimum.

Recap: I need your list of what you want by Friday. Whatever you want must be divisible by six. Six cans, twelve cans, eighteen cans, twentyfour cans…you get the idea. Four cans? No. Eleven cans? No. Divisible by six.