Grrr….I hate when good gun deals come my way and I’m not in position to take advantage. I’ve an opportunity to pick up a couple FALs built by a well-regarded gunsmith, and a parts kit, for a stupidly low price. And, of course, I don’t have the resources to do it.

FALs are great guns. To me , their weak spot are the marginal sights. Otherwise, I like them for their ergo and reliability. I think the gas-piston AR10 is probably the pinnacle of .308 MBR…AR ergonomics and FAL reliability. If, that is, the design can handle it…. need to see more endurance testing. But, a guy I knew had a SIG AR10 and it seemed like the perfect .308.

Tell you what, though…whether youre a fan of the FAL, AR10, G3, or even the M1A, get them and their mags now because it’s a certainty they ain’t gonna get cheaper between now and the end of the year.

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  1. Sadly an AR10, nor a FAL, is in the budget right now. I do have a good supply of AR15 mags and fodder, however, and am trying to expand on both.

  2. “I think the gas-piston AR10 is probably the pinnacle of .308 MBR”
    *Cough Cough* SCAR 17 *Cough Cough*

    • Perhaps. But as I understand it, the SCAR platform doesnt have the advantage of the enormous AR aftermarket parts. TO be fair, though, I do need to research the SCAR a bit more.

      • I love my SCAR 17, and I’d put it up against any other platform for the title of best .308 Battle Rifle. Admittedly, it has a few drawbacks, most notably price. The rifle itself is spendy, and the magazines are as well. There is a pretty robust selection of aftermarket parts/upgrades/accessories, but they aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as the AR-platform parts and gear.

        Magazine options are limited to just the FNH magazines, although you can buy a custom lower (on a SCAR, the upper is the serialized part of the rifle) which will accept PMAGS. The FNH mags are around $35 apiece MSRP, but in a crisis, I’ve seen them spike to over $200.

        In a nutshell, it’s a superior rifle, but arguably not the best investment for a survivalist on a budget.

  3. I’ve been looking at that new affordable AR 10 that armalite put out. 950.00 for a quality AR10 looks good.

  4. Like my FAL and have enough mags for it. However I have a sinking feeling I should have waited until I had the cash to buy a SIG 716.

  5. I got my FAL and after the first day on the range with it and finding some firing issues I went home a really tore it apart. Come to find out the firing pin was in 3 pieces (still firing) and the gas tube was cracked (some failures to extract), the chucklehead who had it before me never cleaned the gas system (ever). FAL just kept running.

    Been a top notch rifle since then but I agree the sights are crap. Probably going to get that DSA extreme mount and put a Micro-Max red dot on it.

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