Article – Pokemon Go T&Cs strip users of legal rights

I highly doubt anyone here does this but:

As previously noted, Pokemon Go also requires extensive app permissions to run. And the Pokemon Go privacy policy states the company may share aggregated data with third parties, and identifiable user data with law enforcement agencies and other parties for a range of reasons it deems appropriate.

It isn’t hard to imagine that somewhere, “someone” wanted a way to bring millions of people into a program where they could be tracked, have their phone mined for data, and have who knows what other ‘third party’ stuff slipped into their phone. Disguise it as a game and people will line up to hand over their digital keys.

Or, perhaps it’s just a game.

But, to me, it’s just an unnecessary risk. If someone were to really want to play this game, I’d suggest buying a burner phone and using it instead. Expensive as hell, but you probably shouldnt be wasting your time playing this modified and rebranded version of geocaching anyway.

One thought on “Article – Pokemon Go T&Cs strip users of legal rights

  1. Before the legal rights issue and the cases of people dying while playing this game were publicized, it was revealed that the player’s phones could be hacked by hacking the email accounts of the players when they registered. So, no, it’s not just a game and your suspicions of some other nefarious plot might well be justified.

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