Article -Confessions Of A Former Apocalypse Survival Guide Writer

This is like finding out the call girl doesn’t *really* love you…..

The first time I bid on a freelance job to ghostwrite a doomsday survival guide, I was only asked one question: Did I have experience writing for middle-aged Republican men? I told the client that I had experience writing for a wide variety of ages and political affiliations, which was noncommittal enough to be true.


The client said, “Sounds good, bro.”


We were off to the races.

4 thoughts on “Article -Confessions Of A Former Apocalypse Survival Guide Writer

  1. I’m not surprised many ‘books’ or articles are written like that. You can kind of tell that whomever is writing it doesn’t know what they’re talking about and just using data already out there to plug into disaster of the day. Just like many ‘preparedness’ related blog sites are nothing but regurgitated posts or clickbait to link you to what others have written. I especially love the ones that have a picture of something interesting, they add their little 2 cents then the closer.. “Read the full article below” and clicking it takes you to the actual article. Presto, they get their views without ever creating a original post/idea.

  2. That’s nothing. In my early 20s I spent five years as editor in chief for Cat Fancy.

    And I’m a DOG guy!

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