The Metals Pimp dropped off a shiny Silver Eagle the other day saying it was from a customer who told him to send one my way.

This happens from time to time. And I am always tickled when it does.

So, unknown benefactor, when the apocalypse comes and all the paper money is worthless, I shall drink a toast to your generosity as I purchase home-brewed brain eraser to ease my mind after a long day of hanging looters and shooting cannibal mutants. And lap dances. There’ll definitely be a lap dance or two. Thank you and salut!

2 thoughts on “Grattitude

  1. Hey if there’ll be lap dances where you’re bunkered down at, I’ll gladly start heading your way…you know – just in case..

    • Who knew? I wonder what the going rate will be, a box of 5.56? Maybe a case or Ramen Noodles? All of a sudden dystopia isn’t sounding so bad.

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