That ATFE white paper

So, unless you’re under a rock, there’s the buzz about an ATFE “white paper” that hinted that the goons at ATFE might be coming around on the subject of suppressors and that armbrace-on-your-shoulder nonsense. Here’s a link.

Sounds good, right? Sounds too good, if ya ask me. I’m sorry for being a tinfloil-hat-clad conspiracy theorist but this just sounds too perfect. It just sounds too much like a wish list for me to believe that someone in a .gov agency is so willing to play our kinda ball.

But..I would like to be wrong about this.

Taking suppressors into a simple ‘firearms’-type category so you can by them over the counter would be very nice. I don’t think it’ll happen, but it’d be nice nonetheless.

Ruger mags…a few left. Don’t be left out. All the cool kids are doin’ it.

13 thoughts on “That ATFE white paper

  1. This type of material does not get leaked by accident, and could be out there for a bunch of reasons. But I understand the seductive quality of “what if” for getting people’s attention.

  2. I know a few guys who have been sholdering their arm braces for a while now. Surprisingly, it hasn’t made their firearms more deadly, nor have ATF agents descended from silent black helicopters overhead to whisk them off to Federal prison.

    • “nor have ATF agents descended from silent black helicopters overhead to whisk them off to Federal prison.” Yet (there not black but dark green).

    • I think you will “find” that they are not sholdering their arm braces but doing a cheek weld and in fact the arm braces has a VERY small gap between it and their shoulder. Which the BATFE do not (and can not) do anything about.

  3. Lets see;
    there is talk about getting rid of them.
    there is a new president who does not like them.
    the new presidents fans REALLY don’t like them.
    and now they come out with “good ideas” and try for the first time to be on the right side.
    I wounder why?

    • The author of this paper is Ronald Turk, an Obama administration appointee.

      Nobody Trump has appointed has been confirmed by the Senate to run the ATF. How is this somehow linked to him?

    • Wonder if the threat of abolishing ATF and giving regulatory duties to FBI had anything to do with it. Guess the Photos of Wayne LaPierre of the NRA and the President dont either…..

  4. It’s ‘just’ a whitepaper. Like a thought experiment or brain dumps of topics to cover in a meeting. Some things put on paper for the department to chew on and at one point decide to make a formal decision on after lengthy talks and research.

    Or… maybe it was deliberately leaked to virtue signal to the ‘right’ that the ATFE is actually a good department of government! “We know we’ve already lost regulatory jurisdiction over tobacco and alcohol, but please don’t collapse our remaining function or gun and explosives control into the FBI… please?”

    • More likely it was “leaked’ to get an idea of public/political reaction to proposed policies without actually proposing them.

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