Mail Call

This showed up in todays mail:

20170320_120014A few posts back someone mentioned in the comments that they thought it was a book i might find interesting and, surpise, they sent me a copy. Dang nice of ’em, if ya ask me. Much thanks. I’ll post about it when I get done reading it!

I suspect it will be a case of seeing in print a feeling or ideal I’ve always had but had never been able to fully articulate. We shall see.

4 thoughts on “Mail Call

    • I read your “review.” Most of the negativity towards the book seems to stem from the price of the book relative to the length of its content. Sorry that the book was too expensive for your taste, but I’m glad your library carried it. It seemed like your opinion of the actual substance of the book was mostly positive, other than not being in alignment with your own personal experience in the military.

      Also, go get a copy of “The Perfect Storm” from your library. I don’t know where you got the idea that it’s like Titanic, but it isn’t.

  1. I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s a very quick read, and really provides some good food for thought, particularly in light of our current political and social climate.

    It’s also interesting to apply the concepts to the idea of what a successful POST-TSHTF community might look like.

    Looking forward to your thoughts, once you get the chance to read it.

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