Link – Glock Pistols- What Breaks and How to Fix It

Worth reading. Note that the parts that break most are parts that are only a few dollars to replace and they do not render the gun inoperable. I’ve seen the issue with the trigger springs firsthand. I don’t shoot as much ammo through my guns as a competitive shooter (or gunwriter) but for $20 I can have a lifetime of spare parts. Good read.

OK…let me get this out of the way right off the bat.  I carry a Glock pistol during about 95% of my waking hours.  My police duty gun is a Glock 21 in .45acp.  A  Glock 26 or a Glock 19 in 9mm are constant companions in my off-duty hours.  I like Glock pistols.  But are they perfect?  Not a chance.


I’ve broken almost every Glock I’ve ever owned.  No manufacturer is immune from this reality: If you shoot the gun enough, it will break.  A gun is a mechanical device and it can fail at any time.  I liken it to a car.  Even if you buy the best car in the world, eventually it will break down.

8 thoughts on “Link – Glock Pistols- What Breaks and How to Fix It

  1. I am debating between a S&W MP and a Glock for carry purposes. I really prefer a manual safety, but the care and feeding of a Glock seems to be much easier.

    • As a retired L.E.O., firearms instructor, and range master, choose the S&W. Better ergonomics, trigger, and safeties.

      • To counter copper4413 statement, I’m a current LEO with 29 years, current firearms instructor, current tactical firearms instructor, current range master, and a current Glock armorer. Buy a Glock!!!! I have never liked S&W pistols, and I have carried Colt Govt. series 70(my first duty pistol), Sig 220 and 226 over the years. Now I carry a Glock. It seem like the S&W pistol has always been one step behind all the ones I mentioned. Love their revolvers though!!!

    • Just buy the one you like the most, or if there is going to be a big differents in price (which I doubt) buy the one you can afford. Or if all your friends have one make and you think being able to use their parts and mags may help pick that one.
      With both a S&W MP or a Glock you are not going to go wrong they are both good, and no matter which you pick there will always be some time when you think you should have picked the other (that life).

  2. My Brownings are over 30 years old one is over 60 years old. When something breaks I suppose I’ll find out. Till then you can have your plastic gun.

  3. A run down on the parts that break most from that link;
    #1 Most common parts breakage – Trigger Spring.
    #2 Most common parts breakage – Locking Block Pin.
    #3 Most common parts breakage – Slide Stop Lever [Spring].
    #4 Most common parts breakage – Slide Lock Spring.
    So three of the four parts are Springs and Magazines are not covered at all or I bet they would be on that short list somewhere, and the number one thing to go wrong in the Magazines? If you said Springs again you win.

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