You know it’s Montana when….

…your doctor accepts Glock handguns as a form of payment.

(Walgreen’s pharmacy, unfortunately, insisted on cash.)

HSA = Handgun swapping account

15 thoughts on “You know it’s Montana when….

  1. You ok man? First reading this I was like cool. Then I realized you had a doctors bill which was large enough to be worth multiple glocks. Hope all is welll.

  2. “So how will you be paying today- cash, check, card or handgun?” Seriously, how did this even happen?

    • The usual way…you get to chatting. “Hey yyou do any shooting?”, “Shoot much handgun?”, “You know, I’ve got a stacj of Glocks for sale…maybe we can work something out.” Next thing you know youre making an appointment to comeback the next day with one and show it to him.

      • Why do the the Glocks come with 10 round mags. Did they come from the cops with 10-rd magazines (and the cops sold the 15-rd mags), or did you just get a very good deal on 10-rd mags and you have 15-rd mag. There is no way cops in Montana would use 10 rd-mags, cops in NY or CA may be.

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