Video – Target practice

Found this elsewhere in the blogosphere and it really was too good to not share:

Reminds me…at some point I need to go shooting. The weather is getting nice and it might not be a bad idea to get in some range time.

As an aside, theres a gun show here in town this weekend so that’ll be interesting.


ETA: No one seems to notice that at the end of the ad, he’s getting ready to shoot from his hotel window. The implication is that he’s an assassin or hitman.

3 thoughts on “Video – Target practice

  1. For an advert for a company selling eye care products, you’d think they’d have him wearing safety glasses…

    Also… did that rail even have a rear sight on it?

    • OK I missed the lack of safety glasses (I’m getting old), but I did see the rear sight on the barrel – I guest the rifle was made no latter than the late 1990 how many factories have fitted iron sights in the last twenty years (I’m am old). It would have looked better if they removed the Picatinny rail.

  2. For a company selling a product that emphasizes how sharp the guy’s vision is, they really CAN’T put him in glasses…


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