10/22 mag page


If you look at the horizontal menu bar across the screen you’ll see “10/22 Mags” listed there. That’s the page for details on getting yourself the bundle of a dozen Butler Creek 10/22 nags for $110 while I still have some. Twenty bundles left.

Tomorrow promises to be a Rugerific day…Im going to test shoot the ‘new’ P95DC (function test, really), play with some 10/22’s, and possible, maybe, perhaps toy around with the pseudo-DM AR I’ve been cobbling together.

One thought on “10/22 mag page

  1. I think you’re going to enjoy the P95. I haven’t had any kind of hiccups from mine, even with the wimpy Rem. UMC ball ammo, 147-gr. hollow points, etc., etc. It’s extremely reliable and surprisingly accurate.

    It uses the same front sights as the SP101. I was able to swap in a fiber optic front. Couldn’t be happier with it. With a Mec-Gar 20-rd mag, it’s a nearly ideal dedicated home defense handgun.

    Have fun! Take more ammo than you think you’ll need. The P95 is a very pleasant gun to shoot.

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