Fear The Walking Dead new season

The new season of Placeholder Of  Fear The Walking Dead started the other evening. Although I very much despised the the show at the begining, it has started to grow on me as the situations become more dire and the characters more jaded. (What can I say…Im a sucker for cynicism.)

While they did kill off a major character (well, sort of a major character) they killed the wrong one. Why, oh why, are they keeping these two useless women? This mother/daughter combo is making me root hard for the zombies. And, they introduced a cute blonde gun bunny and killed her off in the same episode. Figures.

Bu, my favorite gun bunny is still (barely) around, so that’s some comfort.

I sorta predicted that last seasons closing episode shootout was with some sort of Texas militia and I may not have been too far off. This episode introduced something I’ve been anticipating and dreading – survivalists. Anticipating because I think it’s an unexplored avenue. Dreading because I have no doubt whatsoever it’ll portray them as lunatics.

My interpretation of the episode was that the military base was not occupied by military, but rather by an expeditionary force from the the survivalist compound (“the ranch”).

Anything worth noting in the episode? Just the usual: two-man rule (as seen by the sad and early demise of the new gun bunny), pack a good first aid kit (as evidenced by Mexican gun bunny needing aid), have your stuff packed and ready to run on a moments notice (the base being overrun), try to avoid integrating into large groups of heavily armed strangers, and be careful your lies don’t catch up to you (“Dr.” Strand).

The plotlines have reduced from the three of the previous season to two – Strand off in his sports car, and the shrinking family of idiots. I’ll be curious to see where it goes from here.

Actually, it just occurred to me, what happened to Blades’ daughter Ofelia? Last I saw she got pinched at the border.

7 thoughts on “Fear The Walking Dead new season

  1. You sir, are a better man than me if you are still watching this. I quit after about 3 episodes in the first season. I just hated the characters. I wanted them to die and die slowly. Frankly the Walking Dead is getting kind of threadbare as well. Ill keep watching it but I wont be too upset when they finally end it.

    • That seems a bit hasty. Those 3 episodes were two years ago…it isnt unreasonable to think that the show could have become more interesting and watchable since them. Just an idea.

  2. At least we will be getting the Ruben Blades character back. He had by far the most compelling back story. And Maddie seems to be hardening up nicely. I don’t hate her as much as I hated Lori Grimes.

  3. Of course the survivalists group has to be looked upon as utter lunatics and dangerous, look at how the survivalists at the lighthouse were turned into having a suicide pact. We’re having a hard time watching it too, I just wish ONE SHOW, just ONE show would show a group of preppers/survivalists as not a bunch of crazy nutjobs as the media portrays them as. 90% of us are everyday reasonable folks, 10% are the nutjobs everyone focus’s on. just tired of it. A few years ago I asked a local movie maker about making a movie featuring normal survivalists out of the movie “Goodbye World”, he laughed saying, the movie would barely be 30 minutes long because they would have shot the thugs/trouble makers and helped the townsfolk put in gardens and get organized…no drama or love story in that.

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