Politically motivated shooting

I guess now we’ll see what happens vis-a-vis the new administration and the gun elimination lobby.

Non-event or event in terms of legislative results? I’m going with non-event, but nothing is guaranteed and this administration can’t be pigeonholed.

I suspect there’sll be the usual wailing from the left (esp. the newly important Chuckie Schumer), but nothing will come of it. We shall see.

(Makes me glad I got all those Pmags…)

[oh..and these]

3 thoughts on “Politically motivated shooting

  1. I guess we need to ban liberals from owning guns, since liberalism is clearly a mental illness. This leftist terrorist worked on Bernie Sanders’ campaign, go figure!!!

  2. And in tangentially-related gun news, the San Fransisco UPS shooter used an “assault pistol”. Anybody know the definition of “assault pistol”? Other than it’s whatever the legislators say it is.

  3. Well the long awaited (by me anyway) has happened. A member of the left took shots at the ruling class for political reasons. (I realize there have been a lot of Left leaning people who have done some mass shootings, this is the first I can think of actually targeting a political side) and someone did the very thing we hoped they wouldn’t, they went and did a terroristic attack on “all them dirty foreigners and moos-lims!”

    I for one think these two acts are game changers. Now others will hold these two personas as heros for “doing what is needed! what is right!” much like many of the militia movements in the 90s practically worshipped Tim McVey (McVey = assclown IMO)

    Disagreements in how we are governed and what laws are or are not passed is the way our government is supposed to work, stalemates and #resist is just utter garbage. And you certainly don’t resort to violence.

    As for the London van attack, I agree with many who say that this is exactly what radical Islamic leaders want. “The west doesn’t like or want you no matter what they say! Join our side!” Sort of reminds me of growing up the South in the 70s, we would all be trying to just get along and then the idiot wing of the KKK would up and do something stupid and get everyone hating everyone again.

    Anyway as I said, to me this is a turning point.

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