RL1050, NK missles, need another G17

The Dillon Super 1050 arrived yesterday. I’ll be mounting it to the bench later but I do have it all assembled and ready to go. Good thing too, since the girlfriend used up the last of the 9mm yesterday. I’m going to have to start purchasing primers by the sleeve of 5000, bullets by the case of 2000, and powder by the 8# keg. On the bright side, by this time next month my stockpile of 9mm ammo will probably be at an all new high.
N.Korea may be preparing missile launch: reports

About two years ago I read an article in some translated Asian news website about how parts of a North Korean missle were found in Alaska, indicating that NK had been testing their toys trying to get something together that would reach the US. The article disappeared later that day and I cant find any mentions of it anywhere. Point being, NK, and already unstable country and something of a nuclear wildcard, may very well already have the ability to hit the US. I’ll bet the .gov knows all about it and thats why theyve been so hot to get the missle defense system up and running.

Hey! I found it!

Take it with a grain of salt, but you never know………
And a nice related image:

Since the girlfriend has commandeered my Glock 17 to use as her competition gun, I now need to cough up $350 and order a cop trade-in G17 from SOG or some other outfit. Shouldnt complain, though…could be worse – she could be one of those chicks that only likes shooting because her boyfriend is into it.

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  1. Take it with a *big* grain of salt. The Taep’o-dong 2 only exists hypothetically; it’s never even been test-fired. It’s been shown on display, but what the other guy shows on display for the foreigners isn’t necessarily what he actually has, as the Russians demonstrated at at least one Red Square parade.

  2. Not particularly related – but I ran across an article somewhere in the last week that stated that it is very possible in the near future that sugar will start rising in price by large amounts.

    Apparently China used to export sugar, but now because of increased consumption (through soda and other means) they are now importing it.

    Brazil is striving for a better environment by using fuels treated with sugar ethanol, which means that they are not too likely to be exporting sugar as they are keeping it for themselves.

    There was another country specifically mentioned, but I can’t remember it at the moment.

    What I DO know is that sugar used to be about 7 dollars for a 25 lb bag and I haven’t been able to find it for less than 12, and in most cases 15 dollars.

    You might not consume that much – it keeps very well in those white food storage buckets – I have had one that I only have to replenish once every couple of years unless I go on a baking spree.

  3. Fortunately we have TBMD (Theater Defense Balistic Missile) ships just about ready to go. I know from experience that it is not fun to sit and wait for such things, but at least we have some weapons to counter ICBMs from Asia.

    I don’t think the testing is complete, but I know these have been in testing since 1997 because my ship was the first test platform.

    I have read that the Army and Air Force have similar systems in the works also.

  4. I have a little over 100# of it in 5# bags, vaccuum sealed, and in buckets. Should be enough for a couple years at our usual consumption rate.

  5. SM-3 has some anti-ICBM capability. Successful tests under its belt, as well. If we seriously wanted NMD, we’d just adapt SM-3. Standard is a mature, stable, effective-as-hell weapon.

  6. If your woman is anything like me, she’ll shoot it up as fast as she churns it out of the press. I might have 400 rounds of 9mm (practice variety) loaded up right now. I have components for another 9000+, but there’s time involved in putting those all together, as you know….

  7. Yes, but I remember watching the first test shoot of the SM-3 back in ’97 when the engineers discovered that the internals of the missile were not anywhere close to sufficient when it came to dealing with all that boost.

    The first shot went up like a bottle rocket, and not in a good way. They’ve come a long way since then.

  8. What timetable? Technically I need to do the buying since I’m the one who stole his G17. 🙂 I wanted his because it’s a Gen 2 without the fingergrooves and no fancy light rail, so I didn’t want to buy new.

  9. I could potentially have one in my hand by Sunday, but I’ll have to double check the price. I know it’s in that range, but might be $400.

  10. Sure, I can get loads of them. I was wrong about the price though, it’s around $400, $450 if you want the compensated version.

  11. missle defense?

    only on paper the “real one” exists. sadely like so many expensive developments paid for by taxpayers, be lucky to hit an incoming warhead. and still like “cold war”, the average citizen is “expendable” or “acceptable casulty”, just like a “bird flu epidemic”. unfortunatly the government can bullshit you otherwise with clever p.r.

    meanwhile any country knows, launch a nuclear missle and face annilation by others, no questions need asked. Wildflower 06

  12. It’s not like a missile launch can go undetected these days and certainly they would be well tracked. I just wish NK had some oil so we could do something about them…

  13. Re: missle defense?

    only on paper the “real one” exists.

    Nope. SM-3 actually exists, is actually in deployment, and has actually successfully intercepted ballistic missiles exoatmospherically.

    eanwhile any country knows, launch a nuclear missle and face annilation by others, no questions need asked.

    MAD becomes exponentially less-stable a game for each additional player at the table. When only two guys have nukes, and one goes off, easy to figure out whose it was. But there are a number of other things to do with a nuclear warhead then stick it on a missile and fire it. So if a nuclear weapon goes off in Haifa, and it wasn’t gotten there by a missile, who would you nuke in retaliation?

  14. Sadly, I never got to sea. I was going to go on a ride on the USS Iwo Jima, from Norfolk down to New Orleans, but then a bunch of ragheads flew some airliners into a couple of our buildings and the Iwo Jima had to sail off to help blow up some country in central Asia.

  15. Re: missle defense?

    sm-3 can’t hit a barn unless it was broadcasting a target signal. tests were rigged, therefore you should wait till it really happens to see your money was well ripped off. but here is another note. nuclear weapons may only work if everything works right. our best designs cannot be garrenteed to perform after one month of assembly. our best missles may have a 50/50 chance of performing correctly after six months. so a,m not worried about their toys at all. Wildflower 06

  16. Re: missle defense?

    sm-3 can’t hit a barn unless it was broadcasting a target signal.

    Riiiiiight. Standard’s a mature platform that’s been around, known, and upgraded for decades, it’s probably the best SAM system on the *planet*.

    nuclear weapons may only work if everything works right. our best designs cannot be garrenteed to perform after one month of assembly.

    Uttter and complete nonsense.

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