One thought on “Mags available

  1. From Rawles at Survivalblog:
    Finally, I rarely mention specific investments (other than pre-1965 mint date U.S. silver coins) in this column. But I heard from a relative that Brownell’s is offering a super deep discount price. They have the DPMS Oracle AR-15 rifles in “A3” (optics ready) configuration for just under $375 (after a $75 by-mail rebate), delivered to your FFL. (When I last checked, they also had a free shipping offer in progress.)
    In my estimation we’ve reached a low ebb in U.S.-made black rifle prices. If you have the vault space, then this is a good time to “stack them deep.” (The oft-quoted advice of “buy low, and sell high” is perennially sound.) For the sake of full disclosure: I have no financial interest in either Brownell’s or DPMS, and neither company is presently a SurvivalBlog advertiser, writing contest prize donor, or contributor. But I have been a Brownell’s customer for nearly 40 years, and I own several ARs that I built on DPMS lowers.

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