Sonny Landham of “Predator” fame passes at 76.

I just found out that Sonny Landham died about a week or so ago.

Who, you ask? Why, ‘Billy’ from Predator. You know, the guy who “wouldn’t wish that on a broke dick dog” and “We’re all gonna die.”

Sonny Landham, the Native American actor who costarred in action films Predator and 48 Hrs., has died at the age of 76.

According to his sister, Landham died from congestive heart failure in a hospital in Lexington, KY, the AP reports.

Beginning his career in adult films and stunt work, Landham transitioned into acting work in the late 1970s, often drawing on his Cherokee and Seminole ancestry to portray characters of Native American descent.

His mainstream movie debut was a minor role as a subway policeman in Walter Hill’s 1979 film, The Warriors. Based on that performance, Hill cast him in his first major role as Billy Bear, one of the criminals being tracked by Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in 48 Hrs. 

Landham’s most memorable role came opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger, portraying another Billy — Billy Sole, the Native American tracker in Predator.

There’s a handful of action movies that are so over the top that they are classics. “Predator” was easily one of them.

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