Gas rotation…again

Five year old stabilized gas? We can beat that:

20171005_125841September 4, 2011… I really, really, really, need to be more diligent about this sort of thing.

But……… hiccups in the vehicle running this stuff. (Then again, it may be hard to tell…its a 25 year old vehicle so something was amiss how would you tell?)

But, it appears that the PRI-G is doing/did what it advertised. I suppose that there are some out there who¬† will say that gas stored without a stabilizer would have lasted equally as long. Maybe. Maybe PRI-G and StaBil are really snake oil and all you need is a really good, airtight, gasoline storage container. Beats me. But, I’ll continue to store the gas with the PRI-G additive. And, Crom as my witness, I will be a buttload more diligent about rotating this stuff more often.

Except..uhm…I think I have two cans left to go through that might actually be older.

3 thoughts on “Gas rotation…again

  1. From actual experience- 2 year old gas with no stabilzer added to lawn mower = hours spent cleaning carburetor etc as gas went bad. That stuff is not snake oil. I have used 3 year old gas with PRI-G and no problems.

  2. If you ever talk to anyone who works at a long stay carpark and ask them about cars not starting they will have a lot to say. I’ve heard about cars not working after a short a time as two weeks. The many two reasons are modem car battery dying (it seems to be when they hit about two the year mark), and the gas going off.

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