Winter weather advisory/warning/cataclysm

The forecast is for some heavy snow in my particular region. I have a four-wheel-drive vehicle with spare fuel, a radio, an extensive emergency kit, and a host of other survival related goodies.

And I’m gonna leave it parked the next few days. Why? Because the secret to becoming an old survivalist is to avoid being in a survival situation to begin with. Rule #1 of surviving a disaster: Dont Be There.

Sure, I could drive around over the weekend, take my time, drive slowly, brake early, signal often, etc. and I’d be fine…until Bob-from-Carolina who cant drive on snow t-bones me at an intersection. Not my fault, Im doing everything right….and you’re at the mercy of every other idiot out there who may be doing everything wrong.

So why buy trouble? I have a house full off food, fuel, internet porn, dry clothes, extra Coke, and some spreadsheets to catch up on. I can stay here and let the world slip-n-slide into wet, cold chaos. There’s very little I can think of thats worth me risking my vehicle, my health, and my limited financial resources to an accident.

Survivalism (or preparedness, if you prefer) is about values and choices. Which is more not having a wrecked car or me having a quart of milk from the store? Sometimes you have to take chances, but if you don’t have to why would you? Gotta pick your battles, man.

But..for those times when you can’t pick your battles and you gotta go to war anyway, be prepared. I don’t want to leave the house in this weather….but if I have to, I can…and I can do it in a way that reduces the risks and reduces the consequences if those risks go the wrong way. But, again, why buy trouble?

In the meantime, one side effect of staying in is that I get time to sit in front of the keyboard and work on these ‘brain droppings’, as Geo. Carlin called writing.

Be safe out there, gang.

2 thoughts on “Winter weather advisory/warning/cataclysm

  1. Our weather hasn’t been bad, but I’ve had enough of “Bob-from-Carolina.” Apparently he sees snow on both sides of the road & thinks he has to drive at 35 on the highway – which is bare, mostly dry, and quite safe at 55. To make things worse, most of these characters won’t pull over & end up with a dozen or more people behind them.

    We’re not expecting anything for the next week other than single-digit temps – makes animal care a bit of a chore. Those of you who are expecting worse – stay warm & safe!

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