Food… it’s whats for dinner

The usual scene: me carefully scrutinizing the meat department at my local Albertsons for remaindered meat. Annnnnnnnnd….pork tenderloin:So, the pork tenderloin was marked down from $10.99 to $5.00 each. Not bad…but not good enough for my tastes. Fortunately, they were marked down to 30% off because today was the last day to Sell By:

I head over to the meat counter.

“You’ve got nine of those pork tenderloins marked down 30%. I’ll take ’em all and empty out your bin if you’ll markk ’em down to 50%.”



And thats how you wind up with receipt that says “You saved: 77%”. Or, put another way, dang near $99 at regular price but in my freezer for $22.50.

So…that’s a nice little score to go into the deep freeze. And it frees up a chunk of cash to buy silver today since it took a bit of a tumble and dropped down to a low of $16.55 before bouncing back. I caught it at $16.75 but still feel good about it.

2 thoughts on “Food… it’s whats for dinner

  1. I do the same thing at my local Shop ‘n’ Save. Got a few family packs of Delmonico steaks that were marked down to, can you believe, $3.99/lb. Regular sale price was $8.99/lb. Most of them will be getting cubed up and mixed 50/50 with chuck to be ground into gourmet burgers. Hey, don’t judge me until you’ve tried them. I’ve done the same thing with strip steak that was marked way down……………..

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