10/22 vs. P90, gun show acquisitions

Went to the local gun show today. Lots of interesting stuff. Saw the new SIG556 and wasnt that impressed. I did see something, however, that holds a wierd interest for me: ‘high capacity’ magazines for the Ruger 10/22 Magnum. The Mag gives about 2.5x the energy of the LR which means that, and this is where the flamewar begins, you might be able to make a case for the 10/22 Magnum with 20-rd mags being a not-absurd choice for a defensive gun in some situations.

Heres the fun part:
the PMC .22 Mag ammo can give a muzzle energy of 324 foot/lbs.
the V-Max 5.7×28 ammo can give a muzzle energy of 340 foot/lbs.

So, you might, might, might make an arguement that a 10/22 Magnum might be just as effective as a P90…at about 1/4 the cost.
So, just for giggles, imagine a 10/22 Mag registered short-barreled rifle, with side folding stock. Poor mans PDW? You decide.
Did pick up a few things at the show. Bought a few boxes of S&B Rubber Ball shotgun shells to go with my rubber buckshot. Also a nice West German rain poncho. Much better quality than the US stuff. Dound a pair of white Mickey Mouse boots in 10W. Gonna go back tomorrow wearing my heavy socks and see how the boots fit. If they fit, then I’ll give ’em the $75.

20 thoughts on “10/22 vs. P90, gun show acquisitions

  1. Oh, I agree…but since most rimfires seem to be exempt from assault weapons bans (although the mags are not) you could make a case for a cheap ‘travel gun’ out of the Ruger….esp since it breaks down into a small package with its easily removed barrel.

  2. it’s a good point. being able to practice at a pistol range is a plus for me as well. (high power ranges are hard to come by where I am.)

    though I’m more inclined to stick with a “scout” type bolt gun as far as legalities are concerned; especially one based on an enfield (with the larger mag capacity).

    special interest arms has done some cool things with enfields along those lines; chambering for 7.62×39 and modifying to take AK mags, for example.

    my favorite was the 2a1 with pistol grip and folding stock.

  3. 22 mag

    Here’s another angle, the 22 mag in solid points has been rumored to be able to defeat conventional body armor due to its small cross sectional density and relatively high muzzle energy.

  4. hmm

    It seems most of what I’m reading the main benefits of the 5.7×28 are the abilities of the AP round(which civilians can’t get) , and the “tumbling” effect of the bullet in tissue (which the .22 mag doesn’t do, to my knowledge).
    All the real-world shootings I’ve heard of were with the AP version.

    in fact, it seems the biggest criticism of the 5.7 is that without the AP round, its just a 22mag.

    I do think if the 22 magnum was a viable defensive choice it would have been used or at least suggested already. perhaps with a 3 round burst it could be effective.

    cool idea though. 😉

  5. Re: hmm

    Many years ago the Swiss (through, I think, Interdynamics) experimented with a rimfire ‘assault rifle’. Was very similar to the .22 Mag as I recall but theproject never got past prototypes.

    Its worth pointing out that these .22 Mag magazines will also, naturally, accomodate the .17 HMR as well. A .17 HMR PDW? Shades of the 4.5mm HK….

  6. definitely interested, but I’m afraid I’m under a “spending freeze” until june 1. if you haven’t gotten an offer by then, please let me know.

  7. I’ve never been impressed with 5.7 in general, and the P90/PS90 platform in particular. I’m wondering how those rifles behave when they malf, and how many years it takes to clear one.

  8. SIG556

    I got to hold a Sig 556 and was not impressed. It did not feel that great and was not close to the 550 which I got a chance to pick up. The balance wasn’t as good as the SIG 550 and the fore end was bulky and hard to get a grip on.

    The 5.7 is a non starter in terms of wound ballistics. It produces about the damage of a .17.

  9. Beware!

    .22 magnum is addictive. I’ve bought 3 of them this year. It’s not nearly as cheap to shoot as .22 LR, but it’s cheaper than centerfire, very compact for stockpiling purposes, and nearly as satisfying as shooting a real gun.

    Mjolnir it ain’t. But given how many people are going for 5.7mm and .223 SBRs and .223 pistols and .357s with 1 7/8″ barrels that are just going to use a lot of powder to make a big fireball and not much velocity… Yeah, you start to look at a Henry .22 WMR or a 10/22 WMR with a little respect. If you’re going to get marginal performance, it might as well be relatively quiet and cheap and and low-recoil and readily available at your local sporting goods store.

  10. Re: hmm

    Fucking excellent. If I didn’t already have a perfectly good .454 Casull carbine, that’s probably the one thing that would tempt me to get an AR-15 again.

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