everyday carry FAK

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This is the kit I carry with me most of the time in my backpack. The case is a very, very handy ‘utility pouch’ from Outdoor Research. OR makes some nice gear and Ive been quite pleased with their stuff over the years. (I am expecially enamored with their Gore-Tex boonie cap.)

The case folds out into a roll that has plenty of pockets. Theres also a zippered see-through mesh compartment for small stuff. Couple lashing points on the exterior for a sling, keeper, strap or sliding onto a belt. Nice piece of gear.

The Browning is to show comparitive size. Actual dimensions are..uhm..lets see….2″x6″x10″..approx.

Handy enough to fit in my backpack without taking up too much room. I was originally using a hard plastic box but it took up too much space and wasnt flexible enough in terms of how items could be kept in it. I knew I was looking for something very much like what I have now and only got this case just last week. Only thing Id change is to put some ALICE webbing on the outside to allow attachment to my other gear or to allow attachment of small pouches or accessories.