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  1. hmm

    looked at the first, sorta a rambling blog, the second more organized. the first commented about setting up a survival homestead on marginal land, areas that won’t attract malls, condos, ectra. at least known several whom have done this, usually to avoid town taxes and other bullshit rules. basic is to build something unattractive on the outside to disguise what is inside, have a small but managenable “micro-farm”, and generally “off the common paths”. many can supplicant income with workshops producing craft items to specialized tech, which can be gunsmithing, specialized secure systems, micro-power systems and more. one couple purchased land between two highways accessable access by a dirt road running into a culvert drain into the area. well have a nice day, Wildflower 07

  2. I’ve followed Jim Dakin’s writings for several years now. Back before he had the bison blog, he had an email newsletter. I consider him the polar opposite of Rawles. Rawles is preparedness for the rich. Dakin is preparedness for the poor. Being neither wealthy or poor, I learn from both.

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