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Well, blogging isn’t just doing the low-hanging fruit of posting links to interesting things. Sometimes, ya gotta make an effort. So, let us recap and round up whats going on here Commander Zero’s Post Nuclear Bunker Of Love and Taqueria….

Managed to pick up a few goodies the other day…a recap:

This place is closing up its doors in anothe couple weeks. I was in there last week and everything was 50% off. Picked up a couple pairs of boots and, other than that, didnt really see much I needed. But, hey, really nice GoreTex insulated military desert boots for $25/pair in my hard-to-find 10W are reason enough for me to rejoice. There wasn’t much of anything else he had that I wanted…I have all the right-handed ALICE pack straps I need. (Seriously, it was a stack of, like, 150 shoulder straps and all were right-handed. WTF???)

In addition to the boots, from other sources I picked up another military sleep system. This takes care of the redundancy I’m after and I can now stop collecting the darn things. As you know, one is none and all that jazz. These will go nicely, I think, in the carriers I picked up from SG a few weeks ago.

The Missoula Gun Show will be this coming weekend so I’ll keep my eyes open for any other targets of opportunity. And, it is rumoured, we may have a trip to the LDS cannery to look forward to this weekend as well…in which case I’ll finally get to round off some ‘broken’ cases that I’ve been wanting to get taken care of.