Car rental, Walking Dead, economic recovery

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Buddy of mine in NY is learning a few things about post-disaster mopping-up that I never considered. For instance, think about this: the insurance guy comes to your house, takes one look at your car, and doesn’t even say anything other than “Yeah, that things toast. We’ll cut a check for you in the morning.” Now you have no car, but a nice check coming to go pick out another. What do you drive in the meantime? Well, your insurance also covers rental, right? So you call the rental agencies and thats when you discover that every car within fifty miles has been rented and the waiting list reads like a phone book.

So…next time you might want to rent a car in advance of things. If your car doesnt get washed out to sea, you can always cancel the reservation.


Latest episode of Walking Dead: not gonna miss her at all.


Since the nation douled-down on four more years of Carter II, I’m pessimistic about an economic recovery in the near future. (Or, an economic recovery that doesn’t require something drastic to jumpstart it.)

Really, I anticipate no major changes in anything we do around here in regards to the election results. About the only thing different will be a bit of an emphasis on securing more gun-related items and countering further economic malaise. Otherwise, business as usual.

As I expected, calling most of the major magazine and AR manufacturers and vendors was an exercise in futility. Most simply had their phones go straight to voicemail. Most of the answering messages started off with “Due to higher than normal call volume…” and ended with “..delays of six to eight weeks.”

Theres a few dissenting voices I hear from, from time to time, saying I have nothing to worry about…between the administrations lack of movement on gun control (cough*fastnfurious*cough), the Heller decision, and whatnot theres no signs that new regulation is in the works. Well, if that’s true (which I dont thin it is), then wheres the harm in putting two, three or seven more Glocks and AR’s in the safe, hmm?