Walking Dead – Healthcare edition

Cut for spoilers……….

So….Beth wakes up in a health-care facility where:

  • Health care administrators are harsh, indifferent bureaucrats with no experience in medicine
  • Care is rationed and distributed based on the the patients utility to society and the expenditure of resources
  • Healthcare still costs an arm, if not an arm and a leg
  • People in the health care program cannot exit the program without severe penalty
  • The doctors are limited by the administrators in terms of what health care they can provide
  • The health care administrators believe their policies are for ‘the greater good’

So, what we really have here, is Beth waking up in a dedicated Obamacare facility.

Truly, television at its most horrifying.

11 thoughts on “Walking Dead – Healthcare edition

  1. I stopped watching. Figure I’ll wait until they run the whole first half back-back-back.

  2. Thought that it was one of the worst episodes, but if Carol is there, where’s Rick?

    Lead poisoning in future episodes at the hospital.

  3. This hospital may pre date Carol joining back with Rick’s group. Could explain why Carol seems less engaged with the group since coming back.

    • Possibly, but I dont thinks so. Here’s why: Carol and Daryl took off in a car chasing one of the cross-marked cars. Daryl returns, presumably, without Carol. The folks at the hospital make it clear they bring in people weaker than themselves, so if they found C & D together they would probably leave D behind and take C. So, my theory is that something happened (car wreck?) and the hospital folks bagged C. while D. ran for cover.

      However, this program has shown some interesting storytelling regarding timeframes. I suppose its possible that the events at the hospital arent concurrent with Daryls re-appearance at the church. its entirely possible that the person he says to “come on out” is a disfigured or maimed Carol that he rescued from the hospital. (Although Im guessing it’s Noah).

      Carols reluctance to engage the rest of the group is, I think, because she doesn’t know how theyre going to take to her mercy killing at the prison.

      • Remember Daryl and Carol had been gone for 3 or 4 days when Daryl came out of the woods. I think the event with Carol at the hospital occurred during that 2 to 4 day period. I think when whoever exits the woods it will be Carol, and Beth, and just maybe Noah. I also think Noah might be the nephew of Morgan. Why else would he make the comment about coming to Atlanta to look for his uncle. They were setting a future plot story line with that comment. Now there is a twister for you!!!!

        • Noah as Morgans nephew? Interesting!

          I’m gonna bet that the person who comes out of the woods is a) not Carol and b) is Morgan or Noah.

  4. I was cringing the entire episode. Not from the blood or the gore, no those are fine and expected. But from the TERRIBLE practices they enforced. I get that gloves with be near non-existant but C’mon! Letting Beth walk around in a cast stained with some one else’s blood. Nope nope nope nope.

    Yes, yes Bp it’s fiction. Oh I get it but I think a doc would have a bit more sterility going on there.

    • I was more wondering where the power was coming from. Saw no solar panels and heard no generators.. 🙂

      As for who’s coming out of the woods with Daryl, I’ll bet its Martin. Daryl, after losing TWO of the party members, probably ran into Martin doing his impression of a bad ass Male Michone and decided to parlay instead of get all red neck-violent. Martin says he’s looking for Rick Grimes ‘he helped me wake up and I want to help him now’…
      OR… is the DC Bus Crew… their bus broke down or something and now they’re back and the whole crew will go on the road trip.

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