That long, quiet nap that guns take…………

There was a time in my life when I had very few guns to my name. I can recall some money-tight college days where my personal collection was whittled down to three or four guns. Nowadays, its a different story. I’m not going to say how many because telling folks how many guns you own is a lot like bragging about the size of your johnson – unless youre ready to show it off to disbelievers, shut up.

Anyway, I’ve hit the point where I’m getting too much gun clutter around the house. Quite a few of these guns are ‘just in case’ guns. Tertiary-(or more)-level copies of things I already have. As such, there is the very high likelihood that once they get an initial once-over and range trip to verify function they will probably not be handled again for many years. So, really, it’s time to put some of these things away in deep storage.

My usual choice fo packing away things long term are Hardigg and Pelican cases. For handguns, I rather like the Pelican 1170 case for holding a handgun and a couple magazines. Theyre about $40 and worth every penny. But if you’re going to salt away a large quantity of handguns, it can add up in a hurry. As I was diddybopping around the internet, I found this..pre-cut foam inserts that turn a .30 or .50 caliber ammo can into a gun case. Since ammo cans are still pretty reasonable, this shaves the cost down and they stack nicely.

Here’s a couple of reviews and here.

For my intended purpose, which is sealing up a pistol, some mags, and maybe a little ammo, sticking it on a shelf in my basement and forgetting about it for a decade….this should be perfect. For those of us who may need to sock away a pistol for some long term planning, these may be a good choice.



8 thoughts on “That long, quiet nap that guns take…………

  1. I have the same plan being used right now with Pelican cases. Now these firearms won’t be touched for YEARS due to me being out of country, so what I did was also use Z-Corr bags in the cases. Yes they are pricey but I thought it would be worth it. I also anti-moisture packs inside the bags.

  2. “…telling folks how many guns you own is a lot like bragging about the size of your johnson…”

    I don’t worry about people breaking into my house to run off with my dick.

  3. While stuck in traffic about 30 minutes ago I was literally thinking ” I need a better storage option…I wonder if anyone makes pick-a-part foam in ammo can sizes?”. I sit down, browse to the site and boom there it is. Uncanny.

    • Tellin’ ya, man…us whackadoodle survivalist types are all on the same wavelength……..

  4. I really like the idea of those foam inserts… however, in the past I’ve read that foam is not the best thing for long term storage- it will absorb and hold moisture pretty bad. Are you vacu-sealing those pistols first? If only there was some kind of hydrophobic, desiccant impregnated foam.

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