Hooded OD Space Blankets reduced to $10.01

Two posts I want to remind you about: Heavily Armed nature Hike and more importantly, this followup.

The hooded, pocketed, olive-drab, “blanket” has been rather heavily discounted at Amazon. Knocked down from $18 to $10. Get ’em while they’re cheap. Excellent for use as intended, but also good for expedient waterproof overhead cover, dry spot to sit your ass, etc, etc. Far superior than those stupid, flimsy mylar foil sheets. Heres the link:

The fact that all the other colors are still around $19 and the Olive is reduced to $10 makes me think they’re closing ’em out and discontinuing ’em. Feel free to send me a couple off my wish list. (Although, really, even if you don’t wanna throw one my way you should still get a few for yourself…useful, cheap, and well-made….a trifecta you don’t hit very often.)

ETA: Hmmm. Someone musta cleaned ’em out because they arent showing up anymore at that price or in single-serving quantity. Further examination shows the blue ones are available at an equally good price. (Grabber Outdoors Original Space Brand All Weather Blanket: Blue)

9 thoughts on “Hooded OD Space Blankets reduced to $10.01

  1. Good price – thanks for the notice. I made a DIY poncho liner, cutting head hole out of middle and it makes for a noticeably warmer garment for sleeping in south Texas cold. For you waaay up there, the hood is greatly appreciated, I’m sure.

  2. Order 2 last time you posted. One was hooded and the other was just a tarp. They were both packaged as hooded though, which I was ordering. So open them up and make sure you received what you ordered.

  3. I bitch and moan about ‘this world we live in’, but there is a lot of coolness too, like the fact that a guy I have never met but respect can post about an interesting item being on sale on a Tuesday morning…and I can read about it and make an impulse buy before heading to work that morning…and then when I get home Friday, there is a box waiting on my porch.

    These look great…just wish I had ordered 8-10 of them instead of only 4.

    • They are pretty slick. I remember The Old Days ™ of preparedness where if you wanted stuff like this you had to find an advertisement intheback of a magazine, send a money order, wait three weeks, and then get your goodies. The internet is the best thing to hit the survivlaist world since..well…ever.

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