Link – Rental Range endurance of ARs

Forget about any military endurance testing of the AR/M16 platform, a rental range in Las Vegas has some extremely interesting findings when it comes to large round counts, sometimes in excess of 200,000 rounds through commercially available and full auto ARs. Granted, none of the grueling testing procedures in place from a military standpoint are there, but for sheer round count alone, it really tells a lot about what some companies can take and what others can’t when it comes to their rifles and products in general.

I love articles like these. Real-world numbers and experiences. It is interesting to note that the article does not look favorably at the piston ARs. I guess it makes a bit of sense that the direct impingement versions, which are going to have no reciprocating parts on the barrel (and less parts overall) are going to be a bit more durable than a piston version. On the other other hand, I’d be very curious to see the failure numbers on a designed-from-the-ground-up piston .223 like the Min-14 or AR-180.

In a similar vein, they had a similar article about the AK family as well.

3 thoughts on “Link – Rental Range endurance of ARs

  1. Little bit off topic, but could you advise me what ar to buy hoping to sell when the next big scare comes along? I do not know enough about uppers and lowers to go that route. Thanks

    • Id wait until one of the big wholesalers has a sale and grab a Smith & Wesson. I’ve seen them as low as $550 dealer price when they had sales.

    • Some of the Labor Day sales had civi M4 versions as low as $499 delivered. I’d watch the AR news sites. You’ll probably see good deals come Thanksgiving if there’s not another big scare between now and then.


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