Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die

The good news is I’m gonna die.
The bad news is it won’t be today.

(well, it could be today…it could be at any moment, really…but broadly speaking, not today.)

This pretty much covers it:

Starting Thursday, two nights of curled up in bed in the fetal position with pain right above my right hipbone, I was utterly convinced it was a bowel blockage of some kind and some laxatives and patience would take care of it. (And, yes, I actually did think it might be Hirschsprung’s disease.) At 4am I drove to Walgreens to get some laxative suppositories and discovered that Walgreens didn’t open until six. Okay, fine. I pulled into a gas station, fueled up, and started to head for the house. As I was driving, I thought “You know, I’m already dressed, Im already driving, lets just go to the damn Emergency Room already.”

Walked in, told the folks “This is kinda embarassing but I havent pooped in three days, I’m in a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort, can you give me a bottle of whatever it is you give people to clean em out for colonoscopies and I’ll be on my way?” Nope, they say. Ya gotta get checked over by the doctor. Doc does a CT scan and comes back into the room. “Tell me its just a piece of unchewed, undigested pizza doing this.”, I said. Nope, she replies, you’ve got an appendix that needs to see daylight and needs to see it now – there’s a surgeon on the way. You’ve got a ruptured appendix.

“But..I’m in the Two Hour Parking!”

As they wheeled me in to surgery, the doctor looks at me and says “So, you’ve never had your appendix out?” (At which point I’m thinking…don’t you know??? Thats why youre here!) To which I replied, in perfect mimicry from the above video, “I’ve been meaning to, but who has the time?”

Fentanyl? Huge fan. Hydrocodene? Not bad.

And that’s the highlight of my week thus far.

It’s also as much detail as I’m willing to pass on at this point, so don’t ask any questions.

Those of you who emailed me and ordered up some mags, no delays..they’ll got out in the next day or so…business as usual.

And one less medical procedure for me to worry about after the apocalypse.


ADMIN – Hiccup

In the process of updating plugins for the WordPress software, something went sideways and the site just -bamf!- disappeared.

panic_580-100024408-largePanic ensued.

But…this happened a while ago and I spent the money for backup software. It backs everything up (well, mostly..some comments got lost) every three days or so.

So..crossed my fingers, burned down the blog folder, reinstalled WP, and restored from saved backups.

Annnnnnnnnd…we’re back. Minus the last day or two of posts.

I know this is boring to you guys, but here’s how it works…

WordPress (a popular blogging ware) lets you put in addons. I paid for an addon (“Updraft Plus”) to automatically back up the website every three days. When it does this, it sends the files to my Dropbox account and keeps them there. Thus, if there’s a problem, I can use those archived backups to restore things. Which is what I did.


Now if if you’ll excuse me, I have a love letter to write to the geeks at Updraft.

The morons that blogging attracts

I just had to delete several comments that someone shotgunned to several different posts. All the comments were the same and ended with a link to this retard’s webpage where he is trying top promote his Ultimate Survival Book That Will Save Your Family In Times Of Crisis! ..or some similar horsecrap. Here’s the thing, on a whim I went to his website and, I am not making this up, these are the ‘words’ (well, they’re kinda like words) that he has describing his SuperMegaAwesome book:

  • “survival phisical / e-book”
  • “and any other desaster”
  • “survive any coming catastrofe…”

Oh, there’s a “catastrofe” alright….I think I’m reading it.

I’ve actually met a couple of survival book authors. They can spell. I would guess that reading this guy’s book (or as he might call it, ‘buuk’) would be about as painful as watching a chimpanzee try to operate a chainsaw.

Here’s the thing…if this illiterate* goober wanted to hype his self-promotion website, he could have left a comment that at least had some relation to the post…and his link would have been there. But, no, he had to be tacky and classless (and illiterate)…thus, the public mockery.

Blogging….it ain’t what it used to be.

* = Given this special snowflake’s grasp of language and spelling, I fully expect him to send me an email loudly declaring that he is not illiterate because his parents were married a full seven months before he was born.

Operational stuff

After a spectacular fail over at Yahoo! hosting, I switched over to Bluehost a year or so ago. I’ve been very pleased with them. Downtime has been non-existent, and customer service has been top notch. A++++ will blog again.

Same for UpDraft backup software. This thing backs up the entire blog three times a week, drops copies on my server and over at DropBox. Very pleased. In theory, any repeat of the Great Yahoo Hosting Fail wil result in me losing, at worst, half a weeks posts. Yay for total backups.

But…with great redundancy comes great fiscal responsibility. I think it’s been a couple years since I asked anyone to pitch in on server-side costs like hosting, backups, etc. If anyone wants to kick in a few bucks to defray costs and keep the lights on, well, theres a button at the upper right hand side of the page. Clicking on it and shooting some alms in my general direction will go towards keeping the hosting and related bills paid. And Crom bless you.

Admin – Real life intrudes

Real life is intruding so posting may be thin for a little while…leastwise until I can wrangle enough neurons together from other issues to put out some cohesive posts. Think of it as a mini-summer vacation.

Unwanted linkage

Every so often I head over to Google Analytics to see where my website traffic is coming from. Apparently, I received a fair bit of traffic from Reddit under the keyword ‘racewarpreppers’.


The link they posted to was this one about panic buying. It appears that they linked to it, not because of racial content, but as an adjunct to discussions about preparing for some future Great Race War or whatever it is they expect.

Frankly, I’m a little annoyed. I’m *alot* of things….I’m sexist, somewhat of a jingoistic nationalist (America first and all that jazz), capitalistic, fiscally-conservative-with-a-little-libertarian-bent (really, kind of a Goldwater Republican), etc, etc….but I’m quite certain that I’m not cross-burningly racist. As someone once said “Racism is silly. If you take the time to really get to know someone and understand them you can find a much better reason to dislike them.”

Being a survivalist means you get painted with a pretty broad brush. You’re automatically anti-government, racist, uneducated, and homophobic. I hate that. I don’t mind getting in trouble for things that I actually am or things I actually do….it’s when I get accused of things that simply aren’t the case that I get annoyed.

Interestingly, though…if you checked my browser history (and for everyone’s peace of mind, it’s probably a good thing if we don’t) you’d find that I visit quite a few…questionable…forums. (And, really, I should visit them through a proxy, but….lazy.) Stormfront, Democratic Underground, New Black Panthers, VPC, etc, etc, etc. Why? Mostly curiosity to see how different groups see events that are occurring. Same reason I check foreign news services…for a different opinion or a different view of things. Reading some of the stuff that gets posted on those places reinforced my belief that while I may be a jerk I am not, to quote Star Lord,”100 percent dick’. Those people….well, they’ve got some serious issues.

Clearly the linkage wasn’t because of racial content or context in t his blog. It was simply because a post about buying guns and ammo happened to be on-topic for this group of people…but it still annoys me because I don’t like being associated with that sorta thing.


Admin – State of the blog

This is just boring stuff about the blog (as opposed to a boring blog itself) so don’t feel gypped if you come away feeling you didn’t get your full dollars worth of entertainment.

Since switching to Bluehost, things have been pretty smooth. My only complaint thus far has been that their email system is doing a mondo crappy job of spam filtering. When I do try to configure their filtering system it does virtually nothing. Yahoo dropped the ball on several levels for me but their spam filtering was usually quite good.

The Updraft Plus auto-backups has been working great as has Dropbox. I get an email once a week to let me know that backups were successful and that, Crom forbid, should I ever need it I have the weekly backups stacked over at Dropbox. Big thumbs-up for Updraft…pay the money, get the pro version, its worth it.

Page hits seem to be fairly constant and thats always nice. According to Google Analytics, most of the hits this year are from the US.

1    United States    93.59%
2    Canada    1.40%
3    United Kingdom    0.82%
4    Sweden    0.51%
5    Germany    0.47%
6    China    0.40%
7    Australia    0.31%
8    Russia    0.27%
9    Norway    0.26%

Once you narrow it down to the US, the top ten states that stop by:
1 Texas
2 California
3 Florida
4 Pennsylvania
5 Washington
6 Virginia
7 Ohio
8 Montana
9 Illinois
10 North Carolina

Most popular post this year so far? This one on panic buying….mostly as a result of some aggregates link to it.

Donations to the Bunker Equipage Fund ( you know, that PayPal button on the top right menu everyone ignores?), 2015 YTD: $0.00 … it appears my plans for a poured concrete off-grid cabin will have to wait a while longer.

And thats pretty much it. Just a little behind-the-scenes data for those who are interested.



Was outta town (way outta town) last week and I have been catching up on a buncha stuff since I got back. As a result, posting is thin this week. However, I’ll have a nice post up about my trip.

Personally, I hate vacations…I don’t like travelling, I especially dont like flying, I especially specially hate the TSA goons, and I really don’t like leaving Nuke with a dogsitter. But….winters in Montana can be dreary and while I dont care for vacations my wife does. So….vacation.

But, I’m back now. As soon as I get some pictures editted I’ll have a post up about it. In the meantime, its nice to be back in Montana.