CZ 308, SKS, 7.62×39, purchases, banking

Took the CZ out for a spin yesterday. As usual, it shot less than an inch at 100 yards and I almost achieved my goal of five shots in a cluster that could be covered with a quarter…almost. Most of the time the groups can be covered but I’ll have half a .308 hole poking out from one edge. But someday….

Anyway, the chronograph showed no real difference between the CCI and Fed. Match primers. I finished off the box of MatchKings and , after cleaning, feel that they MK give a bit more copper fouling than the Amax.

Anyway, I think load development isn’t going to provide anything better than what Ive got now so all that’s left is to get better optics and load up about 500 rounds of ammo.

That CZ rifle really is a very very nice rifle for the money.

While I was at the range, I made sure both SKS were sighted in..putting them dead on at 50 yards gives –1/4” at 100, -2.5 at 150 and –7 at 200…anything past that and youre probably gonna need a lot finer open sights, although you could hit a man-sized target at 300 but you’d have to accommodate a 24” drop…aim for the forehead and hit ‘em in the navel.

Still and all, I very much like the SKS for its role as a cheap, cheap, cheap defensive carbine. SOG is selling ‘good’ condition Yugo’s for $89.95, ‘very good’ for $130 and ‘excellent’ for $150. Theyre starting to dry up so get ‘em now. Yes, theyre C&R eligible.
While we’re on the subject of 7.62×39, one of my vendors is listing Wolf @ $120/1000…a better price than Ive seen lately at most places. If its in stock at that price it could mean that the supplies are finally starting to increase and that while we may not see it at less than $100/case again, it will still be cheaper than pretty much anything else. My goal is 10k rounds. Why that much? Well, that’s divided amongst two people, four guns, and then halved to keep in two separate locations. Factor all that in and 10k rounds becomes 1,250 rounds per gun..and if that’s all the ammo you have to get you through Katrinaville and its aftermath your gonna start thinking maybe another 10k might have been a good idea…esp. if you have to split it up even further..a few boxes to friends, some for trading purposes, some to kleep in the magazines, some to keep in the vehicle, some to keep in your pack, etc, etc.
Since I’m going to have a tiny, tiny bit of ‘extra’ money each payday Im accelerating certain purchases. While I have a spreadsheet that runs several hundred rows, theres some things on there that, while I want them, may be worth bumping up in terms of priority and getting ASAP. Im fairly content with supplies of guns & ammo, food, and medical stuff. What I want to move on is fuel, fuel storage, communications and emergency power. Highest priority is fuel, though. Briggs & Stratton has a new gas can appears to be a ‘modern’ civilian version of those Euro gas cans we’ve been seeing at Major Surplus and a few other places. Its on their website but I haven’t found a place that has them yet locally. Might be worth looking into.
One other thing I was thinking about – why am I keeping money in the bank? Most regular savings accounts offer interest that barely makes it worth the effort. In fact, for myself, I see no reason to keep more than $100 in the bank and that’s there just to let me use my debit card for online purchases. The only reason I can see for keeping my money in the bank is ‘out of sight, out of mind’…but I think my self-discipline is better than that. Also, in a crisis, ATM’s may not work, may limit withdrawls, or otherwise make my money unavailable and one thing you can count on in a disaster is that cash trumps checks and Visa cards every time. Theft isn’t a big concern since I can just keep an envelope full of cash in the gun safe. So, I think that’s what Im going to do. A couple hundred bucks in smaller bills for convenience. Stick it in an envelope, tuck it in a corner in the bottom of the safe, and try to forget its there. Sadly, I did this same policy with some silver and gold coins a few years ago and literally forgot they were there and now I cant find the damn things. (Yeah, its funny. Ha. Ha.)

Gov. bird flu plan

The official “National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Implementation Plan” is up for grabs as a .pdf here:

Havent read it yet, but the messages Im seeing from other people who have read it is basically ‘youre on your own’. Government comes right out and says theyre not going to be able to keep a handle on things and its up to communities, municipalities and individuals to be prepared.


What else is new?

I do find it interesting that the .gov went through all this effort for a threat that they keep saying is ‘iffy’. I mean, they dont give this kindo f press to comet collisions, alien invasions, ice caps melting, ice ages coming,or invasion by Canadians…but this theyre willing to spend the brainpower and PR relations on. Hmmm.

Its dry reading, at best. Lots of ‘continuity of government’ stuff, plenty of law enforcement mentions, but not alot of whats going to be done on the local level.

So, it seems like alot of storm and fury, signifying nothing. More grocery shopping!