Last Man on Earth -> Omega Man -> I Am Legend

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Friday is the day, folks. I am jazzed. I am always up for a good (or even a crappy) post-apocalyptic movie. This years ‘Resident Evil: Extinction’ was only mildly entertaining (although if the apocalypse is going to be full of Milla Jovovich clones then I will personally press The Big Red Button that starts doomsday) and just made me that much more eager for Legend.

Its beaten to death but heres the fast background: “I Am Legend” was a book that was made into a movie with Vincent Price – “Last Man On Earth”. A few years went by and it was re-made as the classic “The Omega Man” with Charlton Heston. Fast forward a few years and its now “I Am Legend” with Will Smith.

All three movies share the same source material but handle it differently. LMOE gave strong vampirical overtones but followed the book pretty well. Omega Man lessened the vampirical angle and utilized a bunch of Christian/Messiah imagery that, once you know what to look for, is hard to ignore. I’ve seen some previews for Legend and it looks to be closer to the book and less like Omega Man although since more people are familiar with Omega Man than LMOE there’ll probably be some nods to the Heston movie.

This movie has been in development for years with Schwarzenegger slated for the lead role but it never materialized. It’ll be interesting to se how Will “Aw hells no” Smith does in it. I love this image from the movie. It looks like me leaving for work in the morning (except I have more hair):


Solution to mall shootings

Originally published at Notes from the bunker…. You can comment here or there.

Obviously the solution to the problem of teenagers shooting up shopping malls is difficult but it needs to be looked into. Yes, I know Im going to get stiff resistance from the ‘individual rights’ crowd but, dammit, theres lives at stake. Now, be objective and just think this through: Ban teenagers.

No one needs a 16-year-old emo slackard around the house. Studies show that you are 43 more times likely to run out milk and breakfast cereal if theres a teenager in your home. Statistics dont lie, people!

Now, some may say that theres some sort of constitutional right to have teenagers but if you intepret the Constitution that way you have to remember: that document was framed in a different era. The teenagers in those days were harmless. They worked in the fields, handled the livestock, and were actually useful. Modern teenagers are entirely different. A modern teenager can lay waste to an entire refrigerator without pausing to ask “Did you want some of this?”. If our founding fathers knew that the familiar and useful teenagers of their era would be supplanted by todays high-capacity eating machines they’d have struck all language from the Constitution that allows these horrid emo wastes of skin to exist.

What can you do? First of all, if you have a teenager or two in the house GET IT OUT. Send it to college, the Marines, the Peace Corp, whatever. But get it out of the house now! Reduce the risk at home!
Second, work to reduce the incidents of senseless teen violence by removing the source of the problem: support licensing and strict insurance requirements for anyone ‘needing’ a teenager in their home. The US is the only industrialized Western nation that allows completely unfettered teenagers. Fetter them!

Teenagers shooting up shopping malls is a nightmare scenario all too common today. By putting reasonable restrictions on teenagers we can stop this senseless violence. These restriction will not affect people who have legitimate, normal children. We’re not talking about taking away anyone’s toddlers. We just feel there should be sensible controls on the more dangerous and destructive children – teenagers.
Thank you and good night.


Originally published at Notes from the bunker…. You can comment here or there.

A few links…….

I found this fascinating and I recommend it. Videos from a program about those crazy Americans with their bomb shelters:

Part I Part II

I recognized several of the shelters from the book “Waiting For The World To End” by R. Ross. Some very nice shelters in the videos including everyones dream home: the converted missle silo. An interestingthing, and something that surprised me given the apparant UK origination of the show, was that there were no scense of shelter owners displaying their firearms. You couuld see ammo, ammo cans and a rifle in some of the backgrounds but not nearly what Id expect from liberal weenies like the Brits.

More links: shout out to merccom over at LiveJournal for the links to DIY wind turbines:

DIY turbine link #1

DIY Turbine link #2

I would imagine that simply replacing the blades with a chain and sprocket assembly would be all thats needed to build a bicycle generator instead. Good stuff.